18 Things you need to clean every week

Cleaning household stuff and appliance is a big challenge as you will find maintaining the cleanliness is even more of a burden. It is equally an important deal as well. After all, you don’t want your guests to face dirty home appliance or machine that you just left out while cleaning them in haste before the last few hours of the party.

The World is becoming busy and so does we. It is very difficult to hunt out time for home cleaning. But if you are one of those who can’t stand a shabby home, it will be a good idea to break the cleaning process up. So, neither you will have to spend a whole tiring day (if not days) cleaning everything from the beginning. If you choose to clean things up bit by bit, daily or weekly, your whole burden of cleaning would be reduced by half.  Regular cleaning and maintenance will increase the lifetime and efficiency of the machine or appliance! This cleaning may also help to save lots of bucks as well. Want to know how? Be patient and keep reading this article and you will understand by the end of this post!

So, these are 18 things in your house that you must clean weekly. This is sure to ease up your entire, lengthy cleaning process.

1.    Washing machine

It is too easy to skip checking out and cleaning your washing machine even if you wash your laundry thrice a week, am I right? It Happens. The insides of washing machines can get dirty pretty easily. Detergent, minerals from hard water, oil, dirt etc. build up in the filters or tub and other corners in every few washes.  So, it is important to clean (at least roughly) your washing machine at least once in a week.

2.    Exhaust fans

Did this ever happen- you ‘accidentally’ happen to notice the exhaust fans in your bathroom or kitchen and they look more like something made of coal? Of course, this is a pretty common thing. Cleaning those exhaust fans can become a nightmare. Really, if you ask me, I would delay cleaning it few more days because I won’t want to touch it! The whole thing would get easy if you manage to roughly clean or wipe the fans once every week.

3.    Microwave

Really, who care the food splatters left in the oven when the mind is occupied with the freshly cooked food? But yeah, it does matter. And, it deteriorates the overall efficiency of the machine, eventually leading to greater power consumption. It is okay if you are too busy to clean it daily. Cleaning your microwave once or twice a week must do the work- until you are in a habit of terribly splattering while cooking!

4.    Fridge

Do you know experts recommend cleaning the vegetable and fruit baskets prior to each turn of grocery filling? It is really better if you can clear up and clean the fridge in every two days. If you can’t manage, at least a weekly clean-up is a must.

5.    Barbecue

When it comes to cleaning barbecue grills, many would sweat. If you want to avoid the lengthy cleaning process, it would be better to clean it weekly. This would keep clogs and rust away. If you are a frequent BBQ user, twice a week, better. Really, by leaving it unclean for a long while, you will be shortening the average life span of your BBQ considerably.

6.    Vacuum cleaners

When your vacuum cleaner is putting so much of efforts to keep your place clean, don’t you think you must offer it some degree of care? Checking the vacuum cleaner overall and cleaning it is seriously no big deal. But in long run, a weekly or a ten-day check-up routine would only make the machine last much longer.

7.    Stove

If the stove is left without cleaning for a long while, you will soon find it too dirty to use. The darkened stove surface and caked dirt and clogs would make the cleaning a nightmare. That is until you choose to clean it once a week at least. Moreover, you will be saving money with frequent cleaning, as you won’t have to buy a new unit any sooner.

8.    Air conditioner vents

Most manufacturer notes and user guides that you get with your AC unit will have it clear- clean it regularly. That is the most basic way to keep up the efficiency of the unit. While you can save the ’in-depth’ cleaning for the monthly or quarterly services, you can manage the basic cleaning weekly.

9.    Cooler and tower fan

Dirt and debris build up are known to cause poor functioning of best tower fan and coolers. It also degrades some features like swing, vent adjustment etc. Often, this turns out as the reason for poor cooling. So much of trouble can be avoided if you take a few minutes to simply clean them once a week. 

10.    Ceiling fans

If not anything else, having those dirt accumulated ceiling fans is just so ugly. It is enough in itself to degrade the whole appearance of your room. How long would it take to wipe those blades? Take a moment once in a week a wipe those and you will have your fan shining throughout the year!

11.    Oscillating fans

Just like ceiling fans, oscillating fans get dirty in no time. It might feel a relatively burdensome work, since in case of these; you might have to open up the grill first. Still, think of how bad a darkened, dirty fan would look, and go for cleaning it!

12.    Lamp

This is one of those equally forgotten things when it comes to cleaning. A dusty lampshade would not only reduce the attractiveness of your antique or designer lamp but would also affect the lighting effects. Why not just dust them out once in a week? There is hardly any work in it after all!

13.    Dish racks

In case of iron racks, not cleaning frequently will, of course, give way to rust. In case of steel ones as well, you must clean one in a week though. Basically, what is the meaning of keeping your super clean dishes onto a dusty, unclean dish rack? You might want to clean the dish again before you use if you leave the rack unclean. Add them to your weekly cleaning checklist, now!

14.    Iron (press)

For many, this might sound off or funny. Well, who even remembers to clean an iron when you have so much to take care? But hey, it is neither funny nor off. You must wipe and clean your iron once a week. Why? Because there is no way you can get a perfectly pressed cloth without a perfectly clean iron. After all, you don’t want to ruin your newly cleaned dress with burnt in permanent stain just because you happen to skip cleaning something stuck on your iron!

15.    Lights

‘Lights’ include not just the tube lights and other lights in your room, but also the lights in the exterior of the house. They all may catch dust quite easily, giving a whole dirty appearance. It is so small of a task to clean them up, though. So add them up to your checklist!

16.    Telephone

We often forget to clean the dust build up in the speakers or the body or the handsets. Most, we remember when the sound quality goes bad or when one of those buttons won’t get pressed. Make sure you clean it once a week. At first place, don’t splash water or any liquid directly for ‘cleaning’ purposes. If you have no idea how to get your telephone, it’s totally okay. Go through one of the many guides available online!

17.    Bathtub

Taking an hour long warm water bath might be the most relaxing thing for a weekend. But really, not in a dirty tub! There are many cleaning products available out there for effective cleaning. Not only can you take a relaxing bath, but you can prevent clogs as well as skin infections.

18.    Computer/ laptops

Dust build up is one of those obvious things that considerably lower the life span of computer peripherals. Make sure you clean the screen, the keyboard, and other parts once a week, if not daily.

Wrapped It Up

These were some of the often forgotten or skipped household stuff when it is about cleaning. Driving time for cleaning these things once a week is sure to reduce the burden of your monthly cleaning work considerably. In simple and sweet words, this will shorten the cleaning process! So, now that you have included at least some of these in your weekly cleaning checklist, guess you will have some better ‘cleaning experience’!!

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