Best Gunsmith Screwdrivers set

Grace USA - Scope Screwdriver - J3

The Grace U.S.A Rifle Scope Screwdriver J-3 has come to be a superior tool that has been accuracy manufactured & hand put together totally within the USA, and also is created specifically to offer the demands of both specialist and also hobbyist gunsmith.

Each Poise USA Riflescope Screw Chauffeur is built of UNITED STATE 8650 Chromium-Vanadium steel alloy blades. The Grace Screwdriver for hunting riflescope is precision created a tight fit between the driver & fastener to lessen the capacity for damage to the screw head when torque is applied.

Handles are made up of transformed Maine hardwood, rounded off with a nickel-plated steel ferrule. Handcrafted and also100% made in the USA, the EleganceUNITED STATE Rifle Scope Screwdriver is an excellent device for any shooter.


  • ​Each screwdriver is built of USA 8650 Chromium-Vanadium steel alloy blades
  • ​Each screwdriver is accuracy made and includes a black oxide finish
  • ​Handles are composed of transformed Maine hardwood, completed with a nickel-plated steel ferrule
  • ​Packed in a vinyl pouch
  • Handcrafted as well as 100% made in the USA
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