How to choose best drill machine for DIY project

If you are the DIY kind of person, then you know that there are some tools that you can’t be without. Among them is a drill machine. It does not matter whether you are learning the basics of simple maintenance or you are adding to your collection, a good drill machine is an essential. The problem is that there are hundreds of drills in the market and determining the best can sometimes be a problem. However, the following factors will help you choose the best drill  machine for ​ DIY projects.


The higher the battery voltage, the more the power a drill machine has. Over the last few years, drill power has gone up to reach the range of between 9 and 18 volts. The high-power machines can drill holes in flooring and frame lumber. That is impressive, to say the least. However, the powerful the drill is, the heavier it is. Consider the kind of projects in which you will be using the drill and choose the right power.


Old drills and some of the current ones in the market have a pistol grip. These handles resemble a gun. Most of the current models especially the cordless types come with a T-Handle. Well-centered to accommodate the battery, the T-handle provides the necessary balance and safety when working on a project. The T-handle is good in tighter spaces, but a pistol grip is better when working higher up and where you need to apply pressure.

The Clutch

The clutch is what makes a clicking sound you hear when it disengages the driveshaft. A clutch gives you control so you will not overdrive it or strip a screw. The clutch also serves to protect the drill in case it reaches a significant amount of resistance. Clutch settings vary across different types of drills. The best have at the very least 24 settings. Lower settings are for smaller screws while the higher ones are for large ones.

The speed

Actually, the more the speed that a drill has, the more expensive it is. Cheaper drills run at a single speed, but the most common drills have speeds of 300 and 800 rpm. The low speed is for screws while the high speed for holes. For more efficient drills, choose those that come with a variable speed control. And if your project is more of hole drilling, then select the machine with a high-speed setting. 

The Battery

There are usually two types of batteries that you will find on the market. NiMH batteries are far better than the typical nickel-cadmium batteries. NiMH is smaller, run for longer and pose less of a hazard.They are less toxic. However, manufacturers are starting to produce more of NiMH than nickel-cadmium.

Final Word

When shopping for an appropriate drill, you don’t want to go wrong and choose your machine wisely. It is common for new home owners to buy a tool that they really need just because it is in the best in the market. It defeats the purpose to go for an expensive high-power drill just to hang paintings and pictur​​​​es in the house. First, determine what you need and the specifications you require on a drill and then go for it. Hopefully, the above few factors will help you in making your choice.

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