How to choose the best pocket hole jig

Skilled woodworkers know how important it is to hide screws on woodworking projects. Your skill level becomes apparent by how well you manage a tidy finish. Fortunately, there is a tool that makes all that easy and you don’t have to struggle hiding screws. With the best pocket hole jig, you can make a great front face joint that makes your woodwork project look tidy. The device also makes really strong joints for your DIY project.

The benefits of a pocket hole jig

You know how difficult it is sometimes to make a woodworking joint. Dovetails and dowels are some of the most typical, but they take a long time to make. For those working in their garage and don't want the hustle of making complicated joints, the pocket hole joinery is a perfect choice.​​​​​​

Pocket joinery also allows for more flexibility. You can easily do such projects as picture framing and edge joining. Pocket hole jigs are also easy to use. You only need a little instruction, and you are ready to go.

The following factors will help you select the best pocket hole jig

The application

How you intend to use the pocket hole jig is a major factor when choosing a pocket hole jig. If you are a beginner or your projects are small, then a light duty device will be more appropriate. A smaller tool will work well with certain projects such as kitchen cabinets. A heavy duty jig will handle bigger projects pretty well.


Portability of the device determines how quickly you finish a project. A portable pocket hole jig offers you the versatility to quickly move around and c​​​​​​​​​​omplete your work in a timely manner.


Pocket hole jigs that hold a variety of drilling applications are the best. As a matter of fact, you will not be dealing with only one kind of project and materials. A guide showing the appropriate measurements and the type of the material is important and will help you achieve flexibility.

The usability

Construction tool sometimes seems too complicated for beginners. The pocket hole jig should inspire you to use regardless of whether you are a first-timer or not. It should be in a way that simplifies your life. The tool should not have a complicated operation.


The pocket jig should be easy to adjust. Get one that adjusts according to the thickness of the material. This feature eliminates the difficult task of setup and elimination. An automatic device is the most appropriate and easy to use.

Final Word

Pocket hole jigs make your woodworking and DIY projects easy. They also give you some flexibility as to the number of projects you can use them on. The perfect hole jig is easy to move around to make your work easier. They should also be easy to use and flexible in terms of applications. Take time and choose the right device and you will enjoy your woodworking project.

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