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Nowadays we all suffer from various diseases and then we run to the doctor to cure our diseases. But it's the best way that, the doctor should make the patient learn how to take care of his health and how to prevent diseases and not to take medicine. Though it's the modern age, we are not conscious enough about our food menu and controlling diseases. Here I am trying to describe some thoughts depending upon good doctors who will help you to lead a healthy life.

Everyone should start exercise from childhood. There are huge kinds of exercise like as swimming, running, cycling, by elliptical home use and massaging and meditation. Every single practice has a benefit. But everyone should choose an exercise for him considering his age, place and time limitation and mentality. But there's some exercise that anyone can perform it. Here I am giving emphasis on these activities.

Correct exercise and food habit and cheerful mind is the root key of leading healthy life. In real we have lots of tension about our life, that's why we can't stay still for long. But there's a saying that stress has made graver than cancer. So, if you want to lead a healthy life, you should avoid tension and keep your heart cheerful. For that, there's no alternative of thinking positive and doing the good deed. Besides this, you have to add yourself in various creative works. By this way, you can overcome your anxiety which is very much important for healthy living.

Walk every day quickly at least for 45 minutes. If you can't walk for 45 minutes at a time, there's no problem. You can complete this task in two or three part. If you walk faster that will helps you to preserve much oxygen to your brain which helps to lessen tension. Walking also helps to reduce period related bone loss and it also helps to reduce various kinds of complications.

Messaging and moving the parts of the body is a good exercise. In this process the passes of blood become easy and the fat cannot accumulate. Here I am describing some messaging which is very effective for our health.

Whenever you got time you should massage the scalp of your head, this massaging will help you improve the passing of blood through the full brain and that helps to reduce the quantity of hair-fall.

Massaging forehead helps you to boost your physical growth because this massage keeps the Pituitary gland active.

If you massage the whole ear, that will help you to boost your metabolism and keep your stomach in a good situation.

The neck is the first part which faces the affect of any kind mental and physical pressure. If you massage your neck, that will help you to lessen your stress.

Everyone wants a healthy lifestyle. To lead a healthy lifestyle we all should be aware form our childhood. Taking planned food and regular exercise can improve our lifestyle and we can lead a healthy life.

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