Five Things You should Know About Stainless Steel vs. Nonstick Cookware

Stainless steel vs nonstick cookware set

Stainless Steel and Nonstick cookware each has its advantages and disadvantages. Having the best cookware set in the kitchen is always the first step in food preparation. Choosing between these two is tough. Stainless Steel is suitable for boiling, browning and braising while nonstick is best for foods that are easy to stick to- eggs. Stainless steel pan is the best choice for people who love to cook. It has been the number one choice for chefs for several years.

Nonstick Cookware consists of Teflon coating. This feature allows food to be brown without sticking. There are also known as Teflon. Stainless steel consists of aluminum sandwiched with steel. The latter is extremely durable and requires a certain level of skills to cook with.

Is stainless steel nonstick?

Stainless steel utensils are not nonstick. However, the trick of making stainless steel nonstick depends on with the way that you cook with it.

Tips for preventing food from sticking on stainless steel cooking utensils:-

• Ensure the surface is clean. Food particles will make food stick on the surface.

• Make sure the food surface is dry, and the food is not too cold. This will causes the oil to cool, thus sticking.

• Heat the stainless steel until it's hot before adding food.

How to make stainless steel a seasoned nonstick

• Heat your pan.

• Put a spoon of coconut oil and swirl it.

• Sprinkle salt on the surface & rub it off.

Which One is healthy? Stainless steel OR Nonstick

Stainless steel pots set are one of the safest option available for the kitchen. Its surface is resistible to corrosion and does not flake. Stainless steel is made up of aluminum of copper sandwiched between layers of steel. This thing ensures aluminum of copper does not come in contact with food. A professor emeritus of chemistry name Robert L. Wolke, Ph.D., at the University of Pittsburgh, in his research, says that "Nonstick are safe as long as they are not overheated. When the coating may begin to break down, it releases toxic particles and gasses. I recommend stainless steel cookware as they are safe. You can use best bottle cutter for cutting bottle in the kitchen.

Easy to clean

Many people avoid the hassle of cleaning kitchen utensils. Nonstick utensils are the easiest to clean. This is due to the following two major reasons;

Its surface reduces chances of food sticking.

It does not require a lot of oil while cooking. This ensures the surface is not too greasy.

Cleaning up stainless steel is quite tricky. After heavy duty cooking, you will have to soak it for several hours before washing.

Kitchen utensils are like investments; they will stay with you for several years or even for a lifetime. It is important to buy the best cooking utensils you can afford. Everyone works within an individual budget. Teflon is pocket-friendly, although they are not long-lasting. They were off after some time. The cost calculated over time, it will be expensive in the long run. I suggest one to buy stainless steel at a higher price as it lasts for a lifetime.


Stainless steel cooking ware is very versatile. Major reasons of its versatility;

• They work well for stovetop to oven. It can withstand gas and electric oven.

• The surface allows to create a good crust and leave brown bits great for making a pan sauce.

• They are either hand washed or put the dishwasher.

• They adhere to abrasive materials.

• The stainless steel cookware is elegant and classy. The appearance is attractive.

Final Consideration between stainless steel and nonstick cookware:

A kitchen with well-maintained and quality cookware feels ready to handle any recipe. When considering to purchase a new set of cookware, consider how and what to cook with before bringing it home. If you do a lot of searching, stainless steel is the best option. If you don't like washing the dishes, consider the stainless steel. They are dishwasher safe. Consider whether adding a lot of oil is a problem with your diet. Determine whether stainless or nonstick is best for your kitchen?

Research shows that stainless steel and nonstick cookware stand to complement each other in our kitchen. I recommend anyone to stainless cookware with at least one nonstick pan for light cooking.

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