-I’m going to allow you know a bit interior decoration secret…we developers are strange. Well, some people may be, but we such as strange. Numbers, that’s. We design in vignettes and groupings of 3 or 5 and sometimes 7 or 9. We describe this as the “Guideline of 3.” But why do we do it and why does it work?

It is pretty simple: The Guideline of 3 is a design concept which affects every room of your home. It determines layout, shapes and size of objects, the work triangular of a kitchen area, also the color, pattern and fabric designs of your room.(1)

The guideline of 3 says that points arranged in strange numbers are more attractive, unforgettable, and effective compared to even-numbered groupings. 3 appears to the *the* magic number, but (as I mentioned formerly) 5, 7 or 9 works well as well. The primary holds weight in interior decoration, to be certain, but also appears on visuals design, digital photography, storytelling, etc….(so you know it is truly a point).(2)

What is it about the strange numbers? Obviously, it is simply how our beautiful minds work. For one, 3 is the tiniest number that can be used to form a distinguishable pattern in our goings. Also, when we see a strange variety of points, our eyes are forced to move more, which makes for a more fascinating aesthetic experience. (2) Think about this as a Feng Shui, which provides the idea that strange numbers expend and produce more power, while also numbers contract and condense power.(1)

One is BORING. There is no balance, balance (crookedness, truly) or aesthetic rate of passion. But with 3, you can produce a structure, engaging the eye with movement and pattern.

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It is easy to be strange. We developers implement this “guideline” in many ways from seating arrangements to necklace illumination setups. Here are a couple of places to integrate strange numbers in your home from royhomedesign:


I love cushions. In truth, I can never ever design with enough cushions. On beds, couches, chairs, benches, also on the flooring! I blend and suit shades, designs and structures, but constantly in strange numbers. I will NEVER put 2 cushions on a couch or 4 cushions on a bed. Designing with cushions is an enjoyable and easy way to begin integrating the “guideline of 3”.


Racks are constantly challenging to phase and arrange. But with the “guideline of 3,” it can be a lot more workable. Try organizing like-items such as publications, candle lights or flower holders. I suggest differing the elevations of these objects for included rate of passion. If they’re just the same elevation/dimension, place a book or box underneath for altitude.


This is a wide call but is valuable in this context. It can describe 3 furniture pieces bench/side table/light, 2 chairs and a couch, set of 3 nesting side tables, 3 bar feces, and so on. Or, it can describe arranging items on a coffee table (or rack, as mentioned over). Produce little locations of rate of passion within the bigger space.


Gallery wall surfaces are great. Love them! And, they’re a great way to have fun with the “guideline of 3.” Hang items in strange numbers. 3 large items straight (straight or vertical), 7 various items of various sizes and shapes, or 3 straight with 2 items hung underneath. The opportunities are unlimited.

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A collection of 3 necklace lights over a kitchen area island not just provides sufficient job illumination, but is balanced and visually pleasing. Have more room?Try 5 lights.

I should clear up, strange isn’t constantly the way to go; sometimes also numbers work. The importance of sets should never ever be overlooked (think side chairs and table lights). But, strange numbers do include rate of passion, power and balance and are more effective at catching your look.