5 Tips for Choosing Quality Backlinks for Beginners – Are you still unfamiliar with what backlinks are? You could say backlinks are an important part of SEO. Backlinks contain links or links that point to certain websites or pages.

A visitor who clicks on the link can get the desired information. Or it could just be a direct consumer.

One of the benefits of backlinks is as a reference to make it easier for users or for optimization purposes so that the website is more popular on the Google search engine.

When viewed from the benefits, backlinks are divided into dofollow and nofollow. At first glance, the two are the same. However, dofollow backlinks are preferred because of their high value.

Of course the website owner will look for a satisfactory effect for his business interests. No wonder the need for backlinks continues to increase rapidly. For example, now there are a lot of backlinks service.

That’s why it’s important to know how to choose quality backlinks for beginners. Because broken or poor quality backlinks will affect the value of the website.

How to Choose Quality Backlinks for Beginners

For someone who is just getting into the world of SEO, you may still feel unfamiliar with backlinks. There are also those who may be confused in choosing quality backlinks for websites. Well, if you want to choose quality backlinks, as reported by nubiseo, here are some easy ways:

1. Actively Build Friendships

As a website owner, of course, it is important to build friendly relations with other website owners. Especially if you are a beginner and have just entered the world of bloggers, it is important to find as many friends as possible. In addition to increasing enthusiasm and knowledge, the existence of friendship relations can open a wider way.

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You can do it self-taught, namely doing blog walking. Have you heard of it? Blog walking is a trip to another blog by leaving a trail in the form of comments.

If you often leave positive comments, usually the website owner will be curious and then interested in visiting the website.

This is where the relationship can build itself up. Or if you want to get easy relationships, you can join several blogger communities. That way, friendships can be numerous and certainly effective as a means of exchanging ideas.

2. Choosing Informative Content

How to choose quality backlinks can be done by choosing informative content. Interesting, unique, and informative content will surely make many visitors like it.

Then, if you choose to plant backlinks through the website, of course the traffic will increase. Informative content is content that is not copied from someone else’s website. This is because Google can detect duplicates in the Google search serp.

Choosing a website whose content is the same as other websites and is less popular, then not necessarily many visitors will see your website. In addition, it would be better if you choose a website with the same niche so that it is more relevant and has the potential to get a lot of clicks.

3. Paying Attention and Checking Domain Quality

Checking the quality of the Domain is one of the important things that must be done, you know. You can check domain authority, page authority, domain rating, domain age, and backlink sources linked to the domain. For beginners, this method may be a bit difficult.

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However, you can use tools to help check the quality on the domain. Especially now that there are many tools available. In general, a DA or PA that is above 20 or more is a good source of backlinks to websites.

4. Writing Content for Other Websites

How to choose quality backlinks can be done by writing content for other people’s websites or blogs. By donating content for free to competitors’ websites, you can get rewards in the form of backlinks to your own site.

This method has been used by many people and is a win-win solution for both parties. The first party will get the content for free. While the other party will get high quality links. It would be better if you choose a popular website so that the links will become more quality.

5. Using Tools

An easy way for those of you who are beginners to get quality backlinks, can be done by using tools. Currently, there are quite a number of tools, both free and paid, to find quality backlinks. Through tools, users can know more about backlink keywords, backlink sources, site authority, and so on.

Each tool certainly has its own advantages and functions. So, take advantage of the tools according to your needs and budget, yes. Because to find out more competitor backlinks, paid tools are needed.

Although indeed finding backlinks is somewhat difficult for beginners, you can try how to choose quality backlinks as above. The more quality backlinks, the more quality the results will be obtained later.